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3 2 1 Cake – The perfect gift

If you read my blog, you know how much I love 3 2 1 cake. I now keep 3 different flavours in my cupboard to help take care of those cakey cravings. Recently someone in my moms group hosted ‘Favourite things’ night out and we were asked to bring a favourite snack, and 3 of our favourite items worth around $5.00. I thought treating my mom friends to some 3 2 1 cake was a perfect idea.

Of course, I couldn’t just bring the cake in zip-lock baggies, I had to get more creative than that! I picked up some jars from the dollar store and some pretty paper from Michaels to decorate the jar lids. Check out my tutorial on how to do them here.

I wanted to put some labels with the directions on to each jar, and found some adhesive backed scrapbook paper (why did I not know about this before?!!?) which would work perfectly. Easy to stick on, and easy to take off so the jars can be used for something else down the road. I threw something together quickly on my Sure Cuts A Lot program, and started cutting on my Cricut. I used a white marker on the black paper for the instructions then with a little peel and stick of the adhesive paper, I ended with some pretty adorable cake filled jars!

This could make a great gift for any occasion, everyone loves cake right? Have you tried 3 2 1 cake yet?

How to: Lemon Poppyseed 3 2 1 cake:
1 box of Angle Food Cake
1 box of Lemon Cake
Mix together, and either add 1tsp per serving of Poppyseeds to mix (approx 30 servings per mix), or just add your tsp in when you are preparing each serving!

Still only 3 Weight Watchers +Points

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