That Mom Blog

I don’t sleep.

Thank you for visiting my page. You’re here because you have somehow got my clever little business card in your hands. You’re curious to find what exactly what I do, and maybe find out if I do in fact do it all. I promise you, the only thing I lied about on the card is the sleep. I actually love to sleep.

What This Mom does:

Baby Sign Language InstructorMy Smart Hands Hamilton

In 2009, I started teaching Baby Sign Language with My Smart Hands. I have a passion for sharing the gift of communication with families. I have since grown with the company to oversea the hiring and management of the instructors network.

Director of Marketing and Social MediaBump, Baby and Toddler Expo

Later in 2009, I along with my business partner Monica La Vella, started the Hamilton Baby Expo – An event to showcase our city’s wonderful stores, products and services, and connecting them with the local community. Now known as the Bump, Baby and Toddler Expo, we are heading into our 6th show in Hamilton, and now offer licenses to other cities.

Belly CasterLove Bump Baby

2010 came along, and I decided it was finally time to launch the belly casting business that I had been dreaming about for years. My goal was to have it ready to showcase at our very first Baby Expo. As of July 2012, I moved into a small studio space located in local baby store, Barefoot Babies.

Body Piercer – Endless Khaos

I first dove into the world of entrepreneurship as a body piercer 10 years ago. After a small break to stay home more with the kids, I am back at it part time. While it is far removed from the baby industry that dominates my time, it is a nice change of pace for me, and something that I absolutely LOVE to do.

Blogger – That Mom Blog

Well, you are here! I love to blog! I love to share about my busy life as a mom, entrepreneur, my new found desire and drive to get fit, and the balance that comes along with it!

Thank you for visiting my page! Feel free to connect with me on twitter (@ThatMomTweets) and find me on Facebook!

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