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Apple Nut Cobbler

Need a warm pick me up on a rainy day? I would suggest making this quick and easy dessert. After I posted a picture of this on my instagram I was asked to post the recipe, so here it is.

Apple Nut Cobbler



1 apple
1 lemon, juice approx 1/4 cup
3 tbsp maple syrup or agave nectar (I’ve made it without this and it was delicious)
1 tsp cinnamon
Pinch of nutmeg

1/4 cup almonds
1/8 cup pecans (you can substitute any of the nuts with a different nut you enjoy)
1/8 cup walnuts
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Pinch of nutmeg
2 dates chopped
2 tbsp water
1 tbsp coconut oil, melted
Splash of vanilla extract


1. Slice apples into thin slices. Mix the first 5 ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and seat aside to soak.

2. Pulse nuts and spices together until chunky. Place into a med bowl. Blend together dates, coconut oil, water and vanilla until smooth. Add to your chunky nut bowl until fully combined.

3. Microwave apples in juice for 45 seconds. In individual dishes place a layer of nut mixture. Place half the apples on top and top with the remainder nut mixture. If you would like it warm microwave for another 30 seconds.

I added a little greek yogurt on top of mine. Delicious!!



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Tammy’s out of the Comfort Zone

Today Karen sent me this picture.


My first reaction was you didn’t share that did you? I’m embarrassed of this. All the photos I’ve posted as before and afters, not one have been of my heaviest. I feel a little sick to my stomach that I’m sharing this but everyone starts somewhere. Yes I was very unhealthy but I had the strength and willpower to make a change.

My husband and I went for a walk this morning. I was sharing with him that sometime I feel guilty about the money I spend on personal training and fitness. It can get a bit pricey but when Karen send that picture it reinforced that I’m investing in me. I’m also saving money being healthy. We don’t eat out nearly as much as we used to plus I am a ex-smoker. I’m not sure but I think my reduction in wine alone pays for at least a few training sessions.

If you are at a point where you want to change I strongly encourage you to maybe talk to me or contact the most amazing trainer I know in Hamilton Eric Cornell. I really hope that from me being a bit uncomfortable sharing this I can encourage at least one person to believe in themselves.



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Motivational Monday + Our fun morning at Wizard World!

Our first week of challenge was great. We stuck to our goals, and both lost some weight. I am down 2.6lbs, and Tammy is down 0.9lbs, which means I’M WINNING!! I’m looking forward to dropping my kids off at her house for the day next month ūüėČ

We are looking forward to another week of it, though I’m sure with two decent losses for me, she will probably do better when we weigh-in next Monday. And while I may be taking her down when it comes to weight-loss, she took me today today Jousting while we visited Wizard World!


We had SO much fun this morning at Wizard World in Hamilton. The bouncy castles, the rides, magic show and of course at the Petting Zoo. I even got to pet an OWL (that is something I’ve always wanted to do!) If your in Hamilton, it’s happening all week long for March Break at the Careport Centre. The kids will love it, and you will have a lot of fun too. Check out their website for more information, and see all our fun photos below! We really had a blast ūüôā


Five tips for getting started with a Lifestyle change. #MyBetter

Last month I did my very first guest post on the Momstown Hamilton Blog. If you are in the area, pregnant, or with young kids, you should really check them out! If you are not in the area, check to see if there is a Momstown¬†community near you. ¬†I’m really excited to be doing monthly guest posts over there, and wanted to share one I recently did. Please go check out their blog.¬†ūüôā

2012 was a huge year for me. I finally made the decision to take control of my life, loose weight and get in shape РI need to keep up with these 2 boys after all! Not only is it important for us as parents to lead a healthy lifestyle, but for us to teach our children to as well.

If you’ve been on the cusp of wanting to make a change, I’ve put together a few tips to help you get started. I hope they can help!

  • Be ready. Be¬†committed.¬† Before starting any lifestyle change, you need to make sure you’re ready for it. If you’re not in a place where you’re ready to commit to something new, it can make it difficult and easier to give up. Write a list of goals. Start off slow, and work your way up.
  • Find a fitness routine that you enjoy.¬†Finding a fitness routine or workout that you enjoy will make things easier. If you really dislike jogging, it may not be the exercise of choice to start with. Of course, you may be thinking right now “Are there exercises that are enjoyable?”. I¬†guarantee¬†you can find one. It might be going on walks, doing ‘Just Dance’ on the Wii, or sweating along to a good looking guy on a simple exercise video – they are out there! Once you start seeing the changes you’ll be more willing to push yourself into other routines and exercises.
  • Find an¬†accountability¬†partner.¬†Starting such a huge lifestyle change alone can be hard. Try finding a friend who is willing to take this journey alongside you. Plan to work out a couple times a week together, come up with meal plans and set like minded goals. If you have a large group of people who are looking to make changes think about starting a private support group with weekly check ins and weigh-ins.
  • Get rid of the junk.¬†Take a good look at what’s stocked in your kitchen. Clear your cupboards of all the cookies, get rid of the tubs of ice cream in your freezer. Not having unhealthy snacks available makes it easier to reach for the good stuff. Stock up on fruits and veggies, and low calorie snacks.
  • Take a before picture.¬†There is nothing better than having a before picture to compare yourself to once the weight starts coming off. Not everyone thinks of taking one because they don’t¬†necessarily¬†want to¬†remember¬†themselves that way. It doesn’t have to be for anyone’s eyes but your own, but something you will really¬†appreciate¬†having once the time comes. Personally I kept one of the worst pictures of me as my desktop background for a year, it helped remind me why I was making the change, even on the bad days.
Remember that any lifestyle change can take time, and again lots of commitment. There are ups and downs, and slip-ups along the way but you will get there. Mostly¬†importantly? You need to believe in yourself, and that you can do it –¬†because you can!

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Motivational Monday – Challenge accepted!

A new month, a new blogger, a new challenge! That Mom Tammy is officially on board for Motivational Mondays. While I will still be writing the posts (for the most part) she will be weighing in each week. For our first month we decided on a bit of a competition as our challenge. Our goal is to workout 5 times per week. We will be recording both our¬†exercise¬†and points progress online each day and there’s twist – for any day of a skipped workout, or not tracking, you get a .5lb disadvantage added on to your total. WHOA. And the prize? The one who looses the most weight at the end of the month gets to drop their kids off at the losers house for an entire day. I am SO winning this challenge!

March Challenge So far I’m ahead, I’m down 3.7slbs this week (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Tammy is down .2lbs – still a loss! I have to remember though that when Tammy wants to bring it, she does. Our last challenge that we set for each other she dropped the weight way faster than I did. ¬†It’s going to be a fun, tough and challenging month, but something I think we both need to get back on track.

Who do you think will take it?


Day one of 6am a success. #MyBetter

Yesterday I challenged myself with starting to wake up at 6am so that I had no excuse to not have time to workout. Not only did I challenge myself, but I challenged That Mom Tammy too. Last night, (while doing the stairs – go US!) we vowed that we would message each other in the morning and make sure we were both up, starting the day right.

As hard as it was to¬†initially¬†roll myself out of bed, I’m glad I did it. It was the perfect way to start the day. It was quiet and I didn’t once get¬†interrupted¬†by a “Mom, I need this NOW”. I think I can actually do this 6am thing. Maybe I will even become a ‘Morning Person’. Maybe. ūüėČ


Proof ūüėČ