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A Lego Birthday Party


Growing up my parents always made a big deal about birthday parties. This is something I want to do for my kids. It isn’t always about the money you spend on the party but the little details that make it special. We have a note book for each of our children. Each birthday we get all of the guests to write or draw a little something. My parents did this for me and I love to look back at my birthdays as a child.

This year our son really wanted to have a Lego birthday party. It was difficult to find any Lego decorations or games. Here are a few things that we did to make his Lego birthday a exceptional one.


Loot Bags

–  Use a 1” circle

punch to cut out 6 circles for each bag. Attach with foam adhesives to the coloured paper bag so they are raised. Write Lego on each circle. You can also make name tags with the Lego font to attach to the bags.

Lego Activities

–  Each child received a 3 in 1 Car Lego kit. We set up a ramp in our backyard for the children to race their new Lego cars down. This was also a part of the loot bag to go home.

–  Give the children a large bin of Lego and see who can build the biggest tower in a 1 min. This is one of those games everyone can participate and really enjoy.

– Give each child a plate of Lego and vote for who made the most imaginative creation, best animal, and most creative vehicle.


Lego Snacks

– Marshmallow Lego men heads. Cut a small marshmallow in half height attach to a larger one. Dip in yellow melted chocolate. Use a food colour pen or fine tip icing to draw the Lego men faces.

– Primary coloured smarties always makes for a yummy snack and goes along with the colour scheme

– You can find

 Lego candies at your local bulk store.

– We used a lego box our son made for all the utensils

– Purchase yellow cups and used black permanent markers to draw on different lego man faces. Each one was different so the kids knew which cup was theirs.


2012-09-10 17.22.54

I had a lot of fun organizing this party for our son. It was a great colour scheme of 4 primary colours, which made it easy to find coloured plates, forks and na

pkins. Our son really loved helping out in making the decorations with his Lego. I hope this gives you some Lego ideas for your little ones special day.




Craft fun: Glitter Snow Globe

We love doing crafts in our house so I thought I would make a glitter filled snow-globe with my 3yo, ‘S’. What child doesn’t like to have some fun with glitter? This was a really easy and fun craft that she could help a lot with.


  • Mason Jar
  • Water
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Glitter
  • Foam Stickers
  • Paint (optional)


Step One: Paint the lid of your Mason Jar
This step is optional, but we love paint in our house.  The kids love any excuse to get their paints out. You can also sprinkle some of the glitter on while it’s still wet to add a bit of sparkle.


Step Two: Apply stickers

You can place stickers on both the inside, and the outside of your jar. If you use the 3D stickers from Michael’s they tend to stick a bit better in the water.  The foam ones from the dollar store will sometimes come loose, which isn’t always a bad thing –  S loved watching them ‘swim’ around in the sparkly water!

Step Three: Add your water

Fill the jar with water leaving a little room at the top, then add a drop or two of vegetable oil. The oil will help the glitter settle slower and keeps it from clumping together.


Step Four: Add your glitter

Sprinkle your glitter in the top of the jar. We had a variety of glitter and some worked better then others. The larger flakes seemed to work a bit better then the little ones. You can also use fake snow.


Step Five: Seal and Shake! 

Seal jar really tight and shake away.


I would suggest using a mat to do this craft on so that glitter and water don’t end up everywhere. It will help make for an easy clean up. S loved this little craft and plays with it often.  It also works  for time outs – Shake it up and once all the glitter is settled time out is over. We also use this when the kids are having trouble sharing toys. Same idea as the time out, once the glitter settles it’s time to trade.


Happy crafting,







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Did you know? I’m a Belly Caster!

I promised that over the next little while I would share more about my life and what I do. And let’s face it, I do a lot. Some think too much. I’ve always been someone who likes to keep busy, and when I find something I’m passionate about, I have a hard time giving it up.

I can’t really call this business a ‘job’, though it’s definitely more than a hobby. I’ve been Belly Casting professionally  for 3 years now, and I can’t see myself ever giving it up. There is something therapeutic in it for me, an artistic outlet.

Over the last few years I’ve been able to work with some amazing photographers, one who was able to come in and take photo’s of me doing her sisters cast – due with twins! (Dye Design Photography)

Another, Forever Enchanting Photography, took some photos just last week to contribute to this video project I’ve been working on. After watching her with Baby D during the photo shoot, I have a whole new respect for newborn photographers. So much patience, love and care went into it. I’m so grateful for her help, and more than thrilled with how the video turned out.

I put this video together to give people an idea of how much love and work I put into each cast. The initial casting process is actually the easiest step of them all, and the one everyone sees. Check it out, let me know what you think, and if you want to see more of my work, head on over to


There’s a Tab for that – Time to get organized.

You know what isn’t easy? Running 4 businesses and having a Blog. Would I trade it for a full time 9-5 job? Not a chance. But one thing that I’ve always struggled with is being organized. I’ve always had the best intentions when it came to keeping on top of everything, but all too often there would be something missed. A week later I’d be slapping myself on the forehead asking  ‘How on EARTH did I forget that?!’. It was all to clear that I just wasn’t organized enough. My day to day tasks would be stored in my head, on random pieces of paper, or notes on my phone. Sometimes I would even write myself reminder emails, but they too would get lost in the mix. It was a terrible system.

Last weekend while at the Your Business is Now conference in Hamilton (which was AMAZING by the way!), I ran into Julie of Suburban Moms Media, and she had this big binder sitting in front of her with all these tabs for the different things she needs to do. GENIUS!

I literally went out to staples the next day and picked up some of the Marta Steward stationary I had been eyeing for a while, but couldn’t figure out what on earth I would do with it – DUH! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had one of the binders in my hands, or a set of the stylish sticky tabs.

I ended up getting one of the smaller binders with two stacks of lined paper (I know I will be going through that fast), a pouch to keep business cards in, and some dry erase tabs. I broke the tabs up into a category for each business, my blog, and than one for ‘To Do’s’ so that I can make myself a list of daily tasks I should be getting done.  So far, this week has been one of the most organized, getting stuff done – ON TIME – weeks I’ve had in a long time. I don’t feel stressed out like I usually do. I’ve had to face the fact that even in a digital age, I am a hand written list kind of girl.

Putting together my little binder couldn’t have come at a better time, heading into a weekend full of information and networking. I’m attending both the She’s Connected Conference and Blissdom Canada. I like that if something is discussed that I think will be good to use for Love Bump Baby, I can automatically write a note under that section. If there is something that would pertain to running events, I can put it under the Baby Expo tab. This way, when a weekend so packed full of information is done, looking over my notes will be much easier than all scribbled together in one place.

So step one to getting more organized is complete. Step two is to keep it up. Don’t let it disappear into my purse, or collect dust on a book shelf. I need to be sure I am opening it up every day. More organized is sure to mean less stressed. Being less stressed equals a happier mom, wife, and business owner.

Thank you Julie for the inspiration!


Pin it! Thursday – Custom Phone Case

Let’s face it 1. I go through TOO MANY PHONES and 2. I can’t leave anything the way it is.

When it came time for me to get my 4th, yes FOURTH, iPhone, I decided it was time I get a heavy duty phone case. Something that wouldn’t allow my phone to break with a drop, toddler toss, or a spoon falling on it (YES, that is how I broke my last one…). I had a look at the Otterbox and Case-mate cases, and while I liked them, they just were not what I wanted. I had thought about doing a painting on my old case, but clearly knew it wasn’t as protective as maybe I needed it to be. Clearly. What I ended up doing was hopping into ebay and finding a gently used Case-mate Phantom case for only $20 with shipping – SCORE! Not only did I save myself some money (and hopefully a 5th phone), but it made me less nervous than painting onto something that I had spent a lot of money on.

I LOVE that the case is double layered for DOUBLE protection. My phones need it.

I love my new case! It may not be as clean as I would have wanted it to be, but I maybe should have waited to not be sitting fighting of the beginning of a stomach flu to do it. Either way it works, it’s totally original, and my phone is protected!

So for this, my first Pin It! Thursday, I am going to Pin my own creation, and encourage you to Pin It! too! Maybe we can encourage others to get creative and make their own cases 🙂


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Time for a makeover!

Things around here are about to change. Monday October 1st my blog is getting a makeover. Don’t get me wrong, I love my digital scrapbook skills and my cute little owl theme, but it just doesn’t fit. I am moving towards a more simple look that has more meaning to what my blog is all about.

When I first did the current theme I was at a different place. I hadn’t started this wonderful journey I am on now. That being said, I still don’t know that I can fully categorize my blog under any certain theme.

The blog itself is not going to chance much at all. If anything, I hope to post more. I do hope I can find some time to get into a little more crafting again, and write more about the challenges of balancing a life so full of, well, everything that I do.

If you want a sneak peak of what it may look like, you can go ‘like’ me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter – both profiles are sporting the new look! Make sure to let me know what you think!

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Tea Party Bridal Shower – Success!

If you read my blog regularly, you would know that my middle sister is soon getting married, and I am SO excited for her! It has been a busy year of getting ready for the upcoming nuptials, and of course, the bridal shower. From the moment she got engaged the planning started. We wanted pink. Lots and lots of pink. And as you can tell by the title of this post, we were going for a tea party theme.

We found the PERFECT space right downtown Hamilton at a place called the Stables at Whitehern. (Check out some of the great historical sites you can rent in our wonderful city!).  It was the perfect size, cozy, and the stone walls, and old feel made a perfect setting. They supplied all the tables, and even better, all the china tea cups! Not only was the inside perfect, but the beautiful surrounding gardens made for a great mini photo shoot!

Here is a brief glimpse into our tea party shower:

What is a tea party without tea? We decided to go with a loose leaf tea party, while also having some pre-packed tea bags. (Note the really pretty coffee filter peonies we made for all the center pieces! Tutorial coming SOON!)

Beside each type of tea, we even made up a cute little tag to explain what it was.

And a tea party isn’t complete without some Iced tea!

We made sure all the sweet desserts matched the wedding colour theme. By the grooms request, we were asked to keep pink to a minimum at the wedding, so clearly we went all out for the shower. And when I say go all out with the pink, I mean it! We even had pink bread made for our sandwiches! 

Mom’s find on Pinterest – tea bag cookies! ‘Julie and Wes – a perfect blend’. Awww!

And of course, no shower is complete without the small gifts to hand out to the guests – 3 2 1 cake!

The shower turned out fabulous. Everyone loved the venue, and enjoyed all the treats – and all the pink! The bride was also really excited to see what we had put together!

Congrats again Julie, so excited and happy for you. Can’t wait for a Baby shower one day!!! 🙂

Beautiful Bride to be!