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Welcome! This is where I blog about being a mom, entrepreneur, getting myself into shape (finally!) and everything that goes along with my busy crazy life. Please note: I am SO not a writer, so bear with me!

Between the many tattoos, and whatever colour I have in my hair at the time, I am probably one of the most colourful mom’s you will ever meet.

I gave birth to my first son, H,  in July of 2008. He was born 4 weeks early at 5lbs, 2oz, but that never slowed him down!

Started 3 new buisness after becoming a mom. First, became a Baby Sign Language instructor with My Smart Hands. Partnered up with a friend (and now great, invaluable business partner) to start the Hamilton Baby Expo (now known as the Bump, Baby and Toddler Expo). Then I got busy and launched my Belly Casting business, Love Bump Baby, at our first show. (I said I was busy…. and yes, some say crazy…)

Baby Q came into our lives, and completed our happy little family in May of 2010.

As of 2012, I took the drastic step to change my life for the better by finally trying to loose some weight, and get into shape. I have two wild boys to keep up with, I can’t let an unhealthy lifestyle slow me down, or cut short the time I have with these guys.

I love my busy, fun filled life, and am excited to share it with you. Follow along to see the excitment of being a mom, the trials and rewards of being an entrepreneur,  and join me on my journey of getting fit and finding myself once again.

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering how you go about your belly castings. I’m going to get one done and I’ve seen some of your artwork on them and would like to know more about getting that process. Thank you.

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