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Feed Me Friday ~ Snow Maple Taffy


Hello, I’m Tammy, that mom with 2 energetic kids, and I’m super excited to be a part of That Mom Blog. I have one little princess that is 3 years old and a little guy that is 5. I’m looking forward to sharing our crafty family projects, recipes, weight loss tips and all other things that fall into that mom territory.

For my first contribution I’d like to share about our recent adventure making Snow Maple Taffy. What child doesn’t like to eat snow? This recipe is so easy to do and super fun for the kids to eat.


Here is how to make this yummy treat:

  1. Collect a pie plate full of fresh clean snow. The very important part of this step is making sure it’s clean. Try to avoiding yellow snow all together. 😉
  2. Pour half a cup to a cup of good grade maple syrup in small pan. I use Grade B maple syrup because we enjoy the darker flavor.
  3. Place a candy thermometer in the pan and bring to a boil over medium to high heat. You’re going to want to continually stir the syrup until it reaches 250F.
  4. Once you’ve reached the desired temperature, immediately pour over the snow.
  5. Let sit for a minute or two to cool down before letting the kiddies dig in.

2013-02-11 18.39.19

This is a fun wintertime dessert that everyone can help prepare. Your kids can help by measuring out the syrup and packing the snow into a plate or bowls. It’s also a nice way to talk about how a liquid can change to a solid and vise versa, taking advantage of those teachable moments. Our kids had a blast with this and were thrilled that they were allowed to eat snow with candy on it. Check out this little video below that we put together of them digging in!

Enjoy your sweet winter treat and I’d love to see if you can write your name in the snow with that delicious syrup.


Author: thatmomtammy

Wife and Mom to a little guy and a mini diva. Working on my bucket list, crafting up a storm and getting healthy. It's all about enjoying life and having a good time well your along for the ride.

2 thoughts on “Feed Me Friday ~ Snow Maple Taffy

  1. Congrats on being part of the blog! Great dessert idea!

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