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Cherry Maple Oatmeal Smoothie


I love smoothies. LOVE them. I’ve been drinking Green Smoothies on and off for a couple of months now, and while I love them I found myself needing something a little new – change it up a bit. While browsing Pinterest one day I came across someone making Oatmeal smoothies. I like Oatmeal….I like smoothies… The two together has to be as fantastic as it sounds, right? RIGHT.

SmoothieThis smoothie is AH-MA-ZING, and super filling. A perfect breakfast on the go. I’ve seen lots of different variations on them, but I was drawn to cherries. The maple flavor is amazing, but something easily cut if you want to lower the calories a bit. Here’s how to make it:

Cherry Maple Oatmeal Smoothie : Serves 1

  • 1 cup frozen cherries (or any frozen fruit – I’d like to try peaches next time!)
  • 1 cup of unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1/2 cup of fat free plan Greek yogurt
  • 1tbsp maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup rolled oats

Just put it all in the blender, warn you kids to plug their ears, blend and enjoy!

What fruit would you use to make one?


Author: That Mom Blog

I am a blue haired, tattooed, hard working Mom to 2 wonderful little boys, 3 baby related businesses, and a Mom Blog. Working hard at rediscovering me, getting into shape, and trying to balance it all at the same time.

5 thoughts on “Cherry Maple Oatmeal Smoothie

  1. Can you put up your cabbage rolls or something you made with rice paper 🙂

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  3. This sounds delicious! i will be making this tomorrow for sure!! do you think the maple syrup is necessary? i don’t think i have any 😉

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