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Our last day in Florida

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Well, the time flew by fast. We are getting packed up and prepared for an early morning departure tomorrow. Our last day in FL is looking grey and wet, with a chance of Thundershowers – should make it easy to pack, and not want to be sipping drinks under the sun. I thought for our last day I would do a quick rundown of our trip so far:

Arrival on Saturday

We got in late afternoon. The weather was warm, and sunny, and we were SO happy to be out stretching our legs. That night the boys were literally, and I mean LITERALLY bouncing off the walls. It was like you could see springs coming out of their feet. The thought of a good bedtime was laughable, but with two exhausted parents, we needed to do something. Daddy took H for a walk, thinking it would calm him down. A light went off in my head, and I grabbed Q, wrapped him in a blanket and asked my mom to take us for a golf cart ride. 20 or so minutes and he was out cold. Of course, we came home to find H still bouncing, so I scooped him up, wrapped him in a blanket, and out we went again, trolling around the park, probably making the seniors think we are casing the place.

Sunny Sunny Sunday – Our first full day

Our first full day was all about relaxing and hanging out at the park (other than a quick trip to target for some diapers). We swam, went gator spotting, and even played with a toxic caterpillar (post on that one coming soon…).

Monday adventures

On Monday my dad and I took the boys out to an orange grove. Unfortunately you can no longer pick your own, but we did get a giant bag of oranges, tangerines, and the best grapefruit I have ever put in my mouth for $3.25. We then thought we would head out to a hiking place my dad knew of, but unfortunately it was closed, and sneaking in found us face to face with too many GIANT spiders. Not okay. Instead we headed to a nice waterfront park where we saw a giant alligator swimming in the water, about 10,000 geckos trying to avoid being stomped on by toddler feet, and some giddy and loud whooping cranes.

Disney Time!

On Tuesday we all hopped in the Escape (reviewcoming on that soon too – I LOVE this car!) and headed to the Orlando area to stay with my in-laws for a couple of days. We hit up the outlet mall, and did some relaxing the first day, because the next day was DISNEY! Unfortunately hubby had been under the weather for a few days, and he had to miss out :(. It was a perfect day for it, not too hot, but not too cool. The boys had a great time, but Q decided that he didn’t want to be put down. Ever. Like EVER. So I carried him for about 90% of the time. Thank goodness for a good baby carrier (thank you Daisy Days!). My Mother-in-laws friend came with us who works at Disney and helped us get around, and make the most of our day. We went on a bunch of rides, ate really good food, and stayed until the Fireworks went off.

Exploring the Area

After arriving back to my parents place in Leesburg, we took a couple of days and stayed around the local area. We visited the malls, did some shopping, and explored downtown Leesburg. We found an amazing park out of a fairy-tale and let the boys burn off some of their energy. (By the way, if you know anyone who is looking to buy a trailer in the area, I know one that is for sale!! 😉 )

Swimming with Manatees

This past Sunday was my favorite day of the trip. I am not going to go into it too much here because it as well will have a full blog post dedicated to it. In short, we drove out to Homasassa, rented a pontoon boat, and swam with some wild manatees. True story. It was amazing. Also, I may have made a new best friend in one of them. No joke.

And the rest

Monday we went out to the Webster flea market – said to be the biggest in the state. Then back to do more swimming. I even got to play some pool volleyball. I was amazing. Even with a toddler in my arms for half of it. Just saying. 😉 Tuesday we ditched the kiddos for an afternoon shopping trip. In the evening myself, Q, my parents and a few others headed out to The Villages (what a place) for some dinner, drinks and entertainment.

Its been an amazing trip so far. Just a couple more days and we will be home, and back to the grind. The countdown to next years trip is on! Be sure to check back soon for even more about our trip. More in depth posts about our experience with the Ford Escape, Swimming with Manatees and the scary toxic Caterpillar.

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One thought on “Our last day in Florida

  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Swimming with Manatees would be so cool!! Safe travels back home!

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