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2012 Ford Edge Review

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Last week I had the opportunity to drive the 2012 Ford Edge with EcoBoost. Not only did I get to review it as a Family vehicle, but also for our Mom’s weekend away with NO kids. Best of both worlds!

First off, I loved riding in style for a week. Let’s face it, the Edge is a great looking vehicle, and I felt much cooler driving it then I do in my mini van. I found myself wondering what I would like better, my time in the Edge, or the Explorer we reviewed last November. I still can’t decide! I really did love them both!

The Edge offers some great cargo space. Not only was there a ton of room for the kids gear, but also more than enough room for 4 mamas with their luggage AND room for the many, many bags full of goodies we bought on our trip – win/win! There was definitely more cargo room in the Edge than there was in the Explorer if the back seats were not down. The Edge also has rear seats which easily fold down for the times where you don’t have any back seat passengers and have something on a larger scale to travel with.

I still had trouble getting used to some of the MyFord Touch voice commands, but like I mentioned in my last review, this may just be because I don’t fully know the proper things to say. In most cases I just had my passenger use the touch screen to punch in our directions, or change any settings. I did really love the Navigation it offered though. The different view options on the map are great for the driver who likes to know what turns they are making before getting to that point. The directions were clear, and the voice prompts were never last minute. I also really liked that you could also see your next turn directly in front of the driver on the dash.

Other than the voice prompts, the only other thing I didn’t really care for was the placement of the the seat-belt buckles in the back. While it didn’t make much of a difference with our car seat, it made buckling our 4 year old in his booster slightly difficult. He was unable to do it himself, and we would have to do some funky two handed maneuvering to get it buckled.

So how was the gas mileage? A lot better than you would imagine for a large crossover vehicle. We did a LOT of driving on just one tank of gas. I found that I over budgeted a lot for our ladies weekend, and having a little extra money to shop with was a bonus! I really love the feature that shows you just how many km/miles you have left until empty. One of those little things that come in really handy.

Other things that we loved about the Ford Edge? The automatic windshield wipers came in very handy more than once. We picked a rainy weekend to go away, and they kicked in as soon as the drops started to fall. I still really love the Blind Spot Indicator feature as well. Like I mentioned in my last review, I am always super over cautious with checking my blind spot, and this really gives me that extra piece of mind. Both the kids, and mamas alike, loved the large panoramic Vista Roof. If the rain wasn’t falling, we had it open so the wind could blow through our hair. I loved the amount of natural light it let stream into the car, and I don’t think at any point we had the cover on.

Over all I really enjoyed my time in the Ford Edge. I think it would make an excellent family vehicle with plenty of space, lots of comfort, and of course, some great style. Yet again, Ford did not disappoint. If you have any questions at all for me about my time in the Edge, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Thumbs up to the Ford Edge!

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One thought on “2012 Ford Edge Review

  1. I LOVE that sunroof! And, I think every car should have that feature that tells you how long until you run out of gas.

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