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Featured Friday – Ford’s Power of Choice

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Last Friday I was invited to Fords Power of Choice event.  Their main goal for this tour was to showcase just how much they have to offer when it comes to their vehicles. Long gone are the days where your only choice is your regular gas powered ride. Ford now also offers you the choice of the EcoBoost engine, Hybrid, Plug in Hybrid, and even an all Electric vehicle. You’re definitely not short on options anymore.

I was pretty excited to be able to get behind the wheel of the Electric Focus. I was pleasantly surprised to see how ‘normal’ it felt. I think I was going in expecting less power, and a different feel to it. Not at all, it drove great and QUIET. I didn’t even hear it pull away when the first person took it out when my back was turned. The breaks were pretty touchy, making me feel like I had a lead foot, but something I am sure with some time you could get used to. The regenerative braking feature makes up for any touchiness though, as it allows the vehicle’s battery to recharge as you’re applying the breaks.

The car gets a range of about 160km, and recharges in around 3-4 hours fully. It would be a great fit for the Eco friendly commutor!

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One thought on “Featured Friday – Ford’s Power of Choice

  1. Wow! It looks awesome! Do you think you can have the brakes adjusted? Or are you just going to adjust to it because, of course, it’s new to your touch?

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