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Our day in Elora


It’s probably been about 12 years since my sisters and I have been to Elora together. We used to camp at the conservation area as kids, it was always our favourite. Yesterday we had a rare day together with no kids, and thought a trip out there would be perfect. Hiking, lunch, and maybe some shopping.


We decided to pay admission and park in the conservation area. Re-visit some of the old trails we walked years ago. The plan was to follow the trail into town for lunch. I called ahead to be sure we could still get through, and was told that during the day would be no problem. I think their staff need to update their knowledge, because it was in fact blocked off. We will pretend that stopped us…. but really, we found away around (or under….).

Just pretend you don’t see this…. 😉

The town of Elora is beautiful, and somewhere I could live one day when the kids are grown. It has changed a lot in the past 10 years or so, a lot of our favourite stores are no longer around, but replaced with others, some of which were closed early. We did find quite the gem though, The Mill st Bakery and Bistro. A local store owner pointed us in the direction of them, and we were not disappointed. Not only was the service exceptional, so was the food, and the atmosphere. I was won over quickly when I found out that they had home brewed unsweetened Iced Tea, something not many people seem to offer up here in Canada Land. I got a spicy chicken sandwhich, with avocado and Brie. One sister got a Bison burger with a red pepper relish (need to try that), and the other one of the best macaroni and cheese’s I have ever tried. It was amazing. Before we left, we made sure to grab a couple cupcakes, mine a lemon one, which may be the best cupcake that has ever entered my mouth (I am drooling a little thinking about it). If you are in Elora, and want to grab something to eat, eat there. You will NOT be disappointed. I know where we will go on our next visit.

Overall it was a really great day, though we were quite surprised, and a little disappointed with how much things have changed in the park itself. Between the trail to town being blocked off, the launch for tubing down the rapids (something we would have done yesterday if the rentals were open) moved way down into the park from where it used to be, and it seemed like most of the trails and area’s that we used to walk have all been blocked off. Did we live that dangerously as kids? Regardless, I don’t think it would stop us from going back again, and I may even look into booking a campsite this summer. There is so much to see and do, I think you would really love it. Here are just a few more pictures we got on our hike yesterday: 

The beautiful town of Elora, looking towards the waterfall.

The hole in the rock, looking down

The hole in the rock, looking up. (An area that is now all blocked off at the bottom, never used to be as kids.)

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2 thoughts on “Our day in Elora

  1. Your post is inspiring a day trip to Elora! Your pictures are lovely and look at the food! yum!

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