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Black Bean Brownies – Pinterest Thursday


Today I am cheating a little bit. This was actually something that someone in my weight watchers support group found and posted about. Brownies made with black beans. Sound gross? They are SO not. They may be the best brownies I have ever had.

The only problem was, was that when I sat down to make them (being under the assumption that they were only 1 point each using low fat brownie mix) I knew that it was too good to be true. While looking at the cooking directions on the box, I noticed that all it called for was water and 1 egg. A can of black beans is definitely higher in points than that. So I opened up the laptop, and hopped on the recipe builder. The brownies that were thought to be 1 point, were 4! Just goes to show you that double checking things can be very beneficial. Chowing down on 4 ‘1 point’ brownies is one thing, but 4 ‘4 point’ brownies is not so great. I hated to share the news with my WW friends about the mistake.

So the good thing was, I got the recipe down to 3 points for 1, or only 5 points for 2. Just by making more servings. Here is how to make some DELISH black been, weight watchers friendly brownies.

1. Grab a box of Low Fat brownie mix and a can of Black Beans. Yes, that’s it.

2. Rinse the beans really well under water than place them in your food processor and add enough water to just cover them and blend.

3. Mix your puréed beans with the brownie mix, and scoop into a lightly sprayed mini muffin tray, then bake as directed on the box!

Again, I must stress, even though they may not sound very good, they are probably some of the most rich brownies I have ever had. Of course, it would be less points doing it the way the box says, but what a great way to get some extra fibre and protein!


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2 thoughts on “Black Bean Brownies – Pinterest Thursday

  1. Thanks. Going to try it!

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