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Weigh-in 14 Two sizes down!

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Another small loss this week, .9lbs down. I wasn’t good last week. No tracking, lots of snacking, and the best damn chicken avocado brie sandwich with sweet potato fries and extra delicious avocado sauce on the side one night…..  That treat was so worth it. YUM. This week I need to get myself back on track (haven’t I said that the past couple of weeks?).

In other news, last week I went out shopping for some new pants, and most importantly, a new bra! As my body has been changing, my old clothing is not fitting as well as it used to. Of course, this is a great problem to have. I love shopping over the border for my plus size clothes (I am up here in Canada for those reading in the states). My first stop at the mall was Torrid, which was always a favourite store for me. I actually don’t love their clothes like I used to, they have changed a lot, but they still have some great jeans. I was a little nervous about trying on two sizes smaller than the last pair I bough there, but they fit!! Down two pant sizes! What a great feeling. And these new jeans? Sexy! I love them! I love the way they look, I love the way they feel, it’s wonderful. What a confidence booster!

Next stop was at Lane Bryant, which is where I bought my last bra’s. I thought it would be best to go back there so I can have another fitting to compare to the last one. I new that I had gotten smaller, as my girls started ‘floating’ in my current bra.  Between the weight-loss, and after 2 years of nursing I needed some help. I had them point me in the direction of some great push-ups, and had them break out their measuring tape to figure out where I would be at. Again, I was pleasantly surprised to be down 2 sizes again!

Let’s just say that it turned out to be a GREAT shopping trip. I just donated a big bag of too-big-for-me-clothes this morning, and it feels amazing. I am now 20lbs away from my goal to order my dress (or dresses!). It might be tough to make it by the June early deadline to get two though. I would need to loose 10lbs in both April and May. It can be done, if I can get back on track. Next week will be better!!

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I am a blue haired, tattooed, hard working Mom to 2 wonderful little boys, 3 baby related businesses, and a Mom Blog. Working hard at rediscovering me, getting into shape, and trying to balance it all at the same time.

One thought on “Weigh-in 14 Two sizes down!

  1. Karen, I LOVE reading about your weight loss journey, mostly because I can totally relate to everything you are going through. Last year I lost 25lbs. between Jan and May and then fell off the bandwagon (but miraculously maintained my weight) until just recently. I’m back on track and loving it and can totally appreciate and share if your joys of looser clothes and new confidence. AND I, too, have a bridesmaid dress deadline, lol, except the wedding is this July so I’m hardcore on track.

    You should feel very proud of yourself and all that you are accomplishing on top of being a busy mom and a kick ass entrepreneur!! Keep it up, I’m rooting for you! (I miss you, also!)

    xx Tracy

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