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When your kids get sick, and it gets scary.


As the title of my Wordless Wednesday said yesterday, we have had a rough week. Q has had a runny nose since the beginning of the weekend, and I woke up Sunday, of course right before an event I had to be at, feeling pretty horrible. I figured we caught a nasty cold from somewhere.

Monday went from feeling pretty crumby in the morning, to all out miserable by the evening. The boys temperatures started to spike, the body aches and chills started. I realized this was not just your average head cold, and we were in for a hard couple of days. And then Tuesday morning happened.

Throughout most of the night, little Q (who is now 22 months) said ‘ow’ a lot, he told me his legs hurt. Poor guy definitely had the body aches. By 5am, he woke up very very hot, so I took him downstairs to give him some Tylenol. Then at 7am, he woke me up with a scream, and had a Febrile seizure. Talk about a waking up with a jolt.

Luckily for me, I have had more than one CPR training course that went over Febrile seizures, and I knew that 1. it was going to be okay, and 2. it was normal. I was able to stay calm, talk to him, and reassure him that it was okay. It only lasted a couple minutes, but it seemed a lot longer. When it was over, he clung to me so tight, for so long. We were both scared, and we both needed comfort in each other.

Do you know what a Febrile seizure is? It seems like not a lot of parents do. I know that before hearing about it in a Child Safety session by the same people I took the course through (Emergency Rescue Academy) I had never heard of it. How would I have reacted if I hadn’t? I can be sure there would have been a 911 call, ambulances, and a whole lot of fuss, and worry for something that didn’t actually need it. It would have been traumatizing for not only the boys, but their father and myself.

What is a febrile seizure you ask? A febrile seizure is a convulsion triggered by a fever. It occurs most often in children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years, and is usually outgrown by 5 years of age. Though frightening, they are virtually harmless. Read this article to learn more about the cause, and what to do if it happens to your child.

We called the doctors office once open and booked an appointment for that day. They were happy that I brought him in to be checked out, and confirmed that they believe that is in fact what had happened. I did the right thing. That afternoon his fever levelled out to be very minimal, and since then he has been on the mend. It was a scary situation, and one I am so glad I felt prepared for.

Now Thursday, he is mostly better. The doctors think the boys have hand, foot and mouth disease. Q’s rash is pretty much clearing up, and H is still very spotty and uncomfortable. It’s been a long week, with a very scary moment.

Q doing better last night after a soothing oatmeal bath.

How would you react? Did you know about Febrile Seizures? Has your child ever had one? Leave a comment below to discuss.

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3 thoughts on “When your kids get sick, and it gets scary.

  1. That sounds terrifying! I’m glad everything is okay. Miles has had a fever around 102 for a couple of days now and that’s been in the back of my mind but it hadn’t occurred to me to warn Jonathon not to panic if it happens – he had no idea what a febrile seizure was so thanks for this reminder!

  2. I know about febrile seizures in only a glancing way: I know what causes them but I don’t know how to manage them and didn’t realise that they aren’t necessarily harmful given that the fever comes down a little. My first aid training did not include info on febrile seizures. It makes me think that perhaps a first aid for parents class should accompany prenatal classes, etc. 🙂 So glad you are all on the mend!

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