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Weigh-in 11 .5lbs down & Mini Pizza goodness!

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Not a big loss this week, but still a loss. I was very bad at tracking my points last week, and went to a business conference with too many tempting cake pops and cupcakes (I can blame it on that right?). I also failed on my plan to dance everyday, and only actually did the one day. I fell down the stairs and ended up with a pretty sore leg, and bruised bum… 😦

One great thing that happened last week was figuring out a great recipe for mini pizzas. Pizza is probably one of the things I miss the most. I LOVE pizza! I really love BBQ pizza. I played around with a few different things, and found that I could make something as low as 7 points for two mini ones. That is great! The points can vary a lot depending on which Pita bread you buy. I have used large pita’s at 5 points each (just make one of those), but have found small pita’s as low as 1 point each!

Here is what I did and what you need:

1 large whole wheat pita (approx 5 points) or two smaller whole wheat pita’s (as low as 1 point each!)
**Look for the high protein pita’s. The ones pictured below were not the same ones I found before that were 1 point. Two of them ended up still being 5points.

Spread on some Light Laughing Cow cheese on each pita for 1point per 2 pieces.







Spread on 2tbsp of BBQ sauce for 2points, and add as many veggies as you like! I used Spinach and Broccoli. Last, I cut up some extra lean turkey lunch meat (1point for 4 slices, I only used 2!) and baked at 350 for 12 minutes. Yum!







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I am a blue haired, tattooed, hard working Mom to 2 wonderful little boys, 3 baby related businesses, and a Mom Blog. Working hard at rediscovering me, getting into shape, and trying to balance it all at the same time.

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