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12 Days #9 – DIY Paper Christmas Trees

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Thank you Martha Stewart for this craft. These adorable paper Christmas trees are easy to make, and make a great addition to your Christmas décor. I decided to make mine with patterned scrapbook paper, rather than the boring green card stock that Martha picked out (shhh… don’t tell!). I love the vintage look they have!

What you need:

  •  Card stock, or scrapbook paper
  • Adjustable Circle cutter (-Martha says.. I used my Cricut machine)
  • Bone folder, or something else to help you with making the folds and creases. I used the back end of my blade
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wooden Skewers
  • A base (I found small wood pots at Michaels)
  • A topper (Also found at Michaels, I thought they would look cute!)
Start by cutting out some circles. I did 6″, 5″, 4″, 3″, and 2″, and I did some extra’s of the larger ones to make some trees bigger and ‘lusher’ than others. Fold each circle in half 4 times, making 16 sides. I found that by the 4th fold, it was a little hard to get a good one, so I opened it up, and added the folds in myself, manipulating the folds accordion style. Snip off a very small bit off each tip.
Attached the smallest of the circles to the dull end of your skewer, and add a little hot glue to secure it. Once secured, start sliding on the rest of the circles from smallest to largest, securing with glue at the bottom of each. Get creative with your layers, you can space them out how you like. Once all of the circles are in place, cut your skewer (if needed) to the correct size for fitting in whatever base you have purchased. Fill the base with some hot glue, and hold skewer and tree in it until it fully dries. Hot glue on your top, and your done!


I love these tree’s so much. I thought they would make a great gift so I made more to give to my in-laws!

Have fun!!

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