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12 days #3 – Hand-print Snowman Christmas Balls


Another adorable craft I found on Pinterest, hand print Snowman Christmas balls! So very cute, and easy to do. Perfect for day 3 of the 12 days of Christmas series!

What you need
-Christmas balls big enough for your child to get their hand around
-Paint – white, black, orange, and whatever scarf colour you want
-Paint Brushes and Sponges

What to do

Paint your child’s hand all in white. (tip: Have wipes ready!!)

If they are old enough, have them just grab the ball from the bottom, and hold it in their hand. With Q, I placed his hand in. Because he is still small, it was hard to keep his fingers apart, without making a huge mess. Still works though!

Place upside down in egg carton, or cups, and let dry fully.

Once dry, it’s your turn to get creative! Unless your children are old enough, put the paintbrush in your hand, and paint on hats, eyes, buttons and a nose onto each of the fingers to create your snowmen.

Let dry, then apply a coat of mod podge, or another sealant to protect the paint from chipping off. Show your children their adorable work of art, and hang it on your tree!

These are way too cute! We may have to make more to give as gifts for the grandparents this year!


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5 thoughts on “12 days #3 – Hand-print Snowman Christmas Balls

  1. I’m totally stealing this idea! 😀

  2. Love this, totally do this at the daycare tomorrow!

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