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12 Days #1 – DIY Crayons

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For day 1 of my 12 Days of Christmas, I am going to teach you how to make these very simple DIY crayons! I thought they would make great stocking stuffers, especially for Q who is always happy with a crayon on pen in his hand.

What you need:

– Your old broken crayons (yes, I used new ones, because I couldn’t find our old ones!)
-A knife
-A cutting board
-A mini cupcake pan

What to do: 

-Chop your crayons into small pieces, and place them into the cupcake tray. Mixing your colours makes the crayons much more fun than single colours. They will melt into each other and create fun swirls. It will always be a surprise!

-Put the tray into the oven. I put mine in at 350 degrees, for about 10 minutes. Keep an eye on them, once melted they are ready to come out.

-Let cool, and remove from pan. If you have trouble, put the tray into the freezer for 15 minutes, and try again.

That’s it! So easy!

I can’t wait to see what Q thinks about his special crayons when he finds them in his stocking Christmas morning!

Check back for the rest of the 12 days of Christmas series! Each post will have a different craft, recipe, or activity!

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One thought on “12 Days #1 – DIY Crayons

  1. Super fun Christmas gift for little ones. I just made a bunch of letter shaped crayons with my letter cookie cutters. I am giving them to my nieces and nephews. 🙂

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