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We have an ELF on our shelf!


Have you heard of ‘Elf on a shelf’? Until just a few days ago, I hadn’t. I started seeing pictures popping up everywhere of this little guy. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram. I punched the words into Google to find out just what it was about, and was instantly hooked. I needed to find an Elf to put on our shelf, and SOON. December was coming.

I called about every book store in the area, and found one, they had ONE left. I asked them to hold it, I would be in in a couple of hours. They said not even 5 minutes later they had two more calls trying to reserve it. Timing is everything! (I got my husband to drive to our playdate so I could call around!)

So what is it exactly? This adorable, (or creepy…depending on how you look at it) elf, sits on a shelf, and every night reports back to Santa to let him know how your children are behaving. They can talk to the elf, share their Christmas wishes and desires, but he is under strict orders from Santa to not talk back. Each morning, the elf can be found in a different spot, waiting to be discovered by excited believing children. Of course, it is very important not to touch the elf, as it can take away his magical powers (we were lucky enough to have read the book before introducing him to our children, unlike this family. Hilarious read btw!). The elf stays with your family until Christmas Eve, when he goes back to live with Santa until his return the year later.

We did our introduction to the elf a little different then some. We started off with reading the book to the boys. I asked H if he would like to adopt an elf friend to  be a part of our family until Christmas. He understood the story, and that he could talk to him, but I think he was a little put off by the fact that he could not touch him. “I want to touch him” he kept saying. “I don’t want him to come if I can’t touch him!”. We explained that if he was touched, he would loose his magical powers, and he couldn’t report back to Santa every night.  (I find myself now waiting for those hands to get all over that elf, I am not sure H WANTS Santa to get said reports.) After more discussion, H started to get excited about the pending arrival of his new little buddy, and we started to think of some names. He came up with Bumblebee, so we named him Bumble B. Elf.

Last night, while the boys were sleeping, Bumble made his way into our home. He went into the depths of the basement to pull out stockings, and some of our Christmas décor (I really need to get on that…). He wrote a quick little note, stuffed the stockings with some Christmas jammies,, and propped himself up, ready for the exciting discovery in the morning.

Around 8am, my bedroom door whipped open, to an excited H exclaiming that “The elf is here! The elf is here!”. I caught up to them downstairs, and pulled out the camera –

I am so excited to have started this new Christmas tradition. I will be sure to post weekly updates about where Bumble has popped up in the mornings. Between that, and my upcoming “Twelve Days of Christmas” series which will include 12 posts sharing craft, recipe and other Christmas ideas, this is going to be a FUN month!

Happy December!


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I am a blue haired, tattooed, hard working Mom to 2 wonderful little boys, 3 baby related businesses, and a Mom Blog. Working hard at rediscovering me, getting into shape, and trying to balance it all at the same time.

2 thoughts on “We have an ELF on our shelf!

  1. That’s so cute!! I just heard about it this week also and my little guy is a little small this year thankfully so gives me some time to get organized for next year!

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