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#FloridaFunshine Wrap-Up

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It’s been just over a week since we returned home from our first big Family road trip, and this post will be the last in our #FloridaFunshine blog series. Between unpacking, and getting back to everyday life, we have had a lot of time to reflect on our journey. H has been asking where the Explorer went, and saying he wants to go back to Florida tomorrow. When we explain that we will be going back next November, he reminds us that tomorrow IS November….

I still can’t believe how smoothly the trip went, and how well behaved both boys were. The thought of traveling 21+ hours with a 3 year old, and 1.5 year old was a little frightening, but being prepared, and putting a lot of thought into the trip helped make it such a success. To wrap up this series, I am going to review what helped make the trip as stress free, and easy as we could!

Planning and Packing– Take your time preparing for your trip. Make lists of what you need to bring. Check it once as you are packing, and again as you are loading everything in our vehicle. Keep in mind that if you are on a road trip, that if you do forget something, chances are you will have plenty around you to pick up what you need. Try not to fret about it too much.

On the Road – Don’t forget to pack and plan activities to keep your children entertained. Being ready for this made all the difference in maintaining our sanity on the trip. We had a lot of wonderful products that helped pass the time, most of them which you could have the chance to win (below). Make sure to keep things you may need on the go accessible, including overnight bags for any hotel stays on the way. Keep comforts from home at arms reach in case your child can’t settle without it. H found comfort in his Alligator Zoobies pet we got from Baby Heist. He had a hard time falling asleep without it.


Things to think about

– Is your toddler newly potty trained within the last 6 months? Think about putting them in a pull up, or cloth training pants for the trip. You never know how long it will be between rest stops, and being prepared can save you from cleaning up after accidents.

– Take advantage and use it as a great teaching experience with your older toddler or preschooler. Talk about the different states you are going through. Talk about the temperature changes, how it gets warmer the more south you go, any landmarks you pass, and even what the states are known for (we are still sad we didn’t get any Georgia Peaches!).

– Set destination goals for an over night stay if you are traveling more than one day, but don’t stress if you do not make it quite there. Keep your hotel options open, and don’t book ahead in case the goal can’t be met. Most rest stops will have hotel coupon books you can find for the local states to help save you some money.

– Try not to stress too much if your daily routines and schedules get thrown out the window. It can be hard to maintain nap times, and bed time routines on any trip, and fretting about it too much can put unneeded stress on your children and yourself. Your on vacation, have fun, and enjoy yourself! You can get things back in order when you get home.

We are so happy we decided to drive over flying. It made it an adventure. It was not only new for the kids, but for us. Even though J and I have been on a road trip twice as long (Las Vegas, 40 hours!), doing it with kids is a very different experience. We are already excited to go back next year, and have started to think about where else we would like to drive to with the boys in the future!

Thank you for following along with us on our #FloridaFunshine adventure!


Now for Giveaway Time!

We have some of our favorite products from the trip to give away. A Lap tray from Springy’s, The Little Book of Train Stories with CD from Books to Savour, a colouring place-at from Simply Green baby, and some freezie holder sets from Freeze-eeze, and of course, the UPPAbaby G-Luxe stroller from Springy’s as well!

How do you win?

1. ‘Like’ That Mom Blog on Facebook

2. Answer the following questions below, by reading some of the previous #FloridaFunshine blog posts. Enter your answers and contact information in the form below.

Entries will be accepts until November 30th, and the winners will be announced on December 1st!

Questions –

1. When getting prepared, what is one thing you should check before packing clothing?

2. In the Keeping your toddler entertained post, what one thing would top your list?

3. When visiting the Lowry Park Zoo, when animal did we miss the opportunity to pet and feed?

4. Which one of our favorite #FloridaFunshine products would you most want to win?

5. How much does the UPPAbaby G-Luxe stroller weigh, and what feature do you think you would like best?

6. What feature from the 2011 Ford Explorer do you think you would use the mos

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