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Some of our favorite #FloridaFunshine products!


As we are coming to an end to our #FloridaFunshine series, I wanted to touch on some of the products that we got to use on our trip. Each one of the great products below will be part of our giveaway!

Star Kids Snack and Play Travel Tray

The snack trays that we got from Springy’s helped use imensly on our trip. Not only were the boys able to use it to eat on, but play with their toys. We had a lot of activities for them to do on the ride, that they would not have been able to do on their laps. The pockets on the side of the lap tray are great for holding crayons, snacks, and drinks. The edging around the tray is great for keeping things in. Q LOVES grapes, but grapes roll. The use of these laps trays also helped by giving us less mess from food falling all over the place. These will come in handy for any trip we take, and I am so thankful that we found them at Springy’s!

Usborne Books on CD

Again, I need to send out a HUGE thank you to Denise at Usborne ( for giving us the idea to have bring along Usborne books on CD. They were a great alternative to watching movies all day long, and probably the one thing that really calmed H down when nothing else would. I can’t even tell you how many times we used it. I love that listening to the books was stimulating him. He was soon reading along with the stories, and reciting them at other times as well. I had always had a hard time reading books while in a moving car, so this was a really great alternative to it.

Colouring Place-mats

Another product we really love is the Modern Twist colouring place-mats we picked up from Simply Green Baby at the Bump, Baby and Toddler Expo. As soon as I saw these, I knew my boys would love them. Q is happiest when he has a crayon, marker, or pen in his hand. He LOVES to draw. These place-mats are made from silky food-grade, hand silk-screened silicone, and they won’t crease or rip. They are non-porous and a germ-free surface, and free of BPA, lead, latex, phthalates and other harsh chemicals (great for kids who love to put everything in their mouth……Q….). You can use both washable, and dry-erase markers on them, then simply wipe clean and use again, and again, and again! They worked great for our road trip, but are also good to stick in the diaper bag or purse (they fold up fairly small) to have on hand anywhere you go!

Freeze-eeze Freezie HoldersOkay, I LOVE Freeze-eeze. Both the products, and the people behind them! Freezies are a hot (or cold?) item in my house, and of course we couldn’t leave for Florida without them. The boys love them, and so do I! I wish I had known about these when I was pregnant, as frozen treats were one of my favorites. The Neoprene holders come in 2 different sizes, one for small freezies, and one for larger ones. They are perfect for little hands to keep hold of their frozen treats without getting cold. No more napkins or paper towels that get wet or slip off!

Now, you may thing I am crazy, but I have found another use for my Freeze-eeze holder… I have this thing about wood while eating, (think nails on a chalkboard effect). Popsicle sticks, those little forks they give you with french fries, and wooden steak knives! Crazy right? While at the trailer, I was faced with some wooden steak knives when I wanted to cut up my orange. I squirmed a little before I realized that Freeze-eeze was my solution! I now carry one in my purse for whenenver I am faced with this strange problem I have! (LOL)

We loved these products, and they will all be on our list of what to bring for next years trip! Now YOU have the chance to win! We are giving away a Lap tray from Springy’s,  The Little Book of Train Stories with CD from Books to Savour,  a colouring place-at from Simply Green baby, and some freezie holder sets from Freeze-eeze! How do you win? Make sure you ‘like’ That Mom Blog on Facebook, and continue following the blog. After our final review later this week, we will be giving away these products, plus, an UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller from Springy’s Baby Store! 

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I am a blue haired, tattooed, hard working Mom to 2 wonderful little boys, 3 baby related businesses, and a Mom Blog. Working hard at rediscovering me, getting into shape, and trying to balance it all at the same time.

4 thoughts on “Some of our favorite #FloridaFunshine products!

  1. I should have told you about Puddle Jumpers – they’re like water wings, but they also have a buoyant part across the chest and they strap behind the back. Oh well, there will always be next time!

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