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Keeping your toddler entertained on a long road trip


To make your road trip more enjoyable for both you, and your kids, make sure you do a lot of preparation to keep them entertained. Happy children = happy parents who can focus on the drive. Here are some ideas for keeping your kids entertained on the trip.

Kids Music

Bring along some of your child’s favorite music. While it might not be to your taste, your child will love to grove an sing to some familiar tunes. Even for younger babies, they will enjoy the sounds of kids music over ours. Some of our favorite children’s music is Choo Choo Soul, and Imagination Movers. Both something me and their dad don’t mind singing along to.

Books on CD
Thank you Denise from Books to Savour (Usbourne books), for suggesting bringing books on CD! We have a big collection of Usbourne books in our house that the kids love. We had some that came with CD’s, but it didn’t even cross my mind to bring them. H has loved hearing his stories being read to him on the go, and it’s a great alternative than always watching movies.

We will be giving away an Usborne book with CD next week! Make sure you follow on the blog, and like us on Facebook to find out how to win this, plus other prizes like an UPPA baby G-luxe stroller from Springy’s!

Surprise bag
Before your trip, head to the dollar store and pick up a handful of toys, snacks and activities to put in a surprise bag for them. Every few hours, if they are getting restless, pick out one surprise from the bag. This new item should grab their attention for a while, and add some excitement for the trip with the anticipation of more. If you have more than one kid, put in the same items in each bag to steer away from fighting over who gets what.

Lap Trays
Before this trip, I didn’t even know that lap trays existed. When I saw them at Springy’s, I knew they would work out great for both boys. The trays we got have a strap that goes around your child, or car seat, and it gives them a flat surface to use for colouring, reading, or playing with their toys. I have since seen other lap trays around, but I love these ones because of the high sides. It helps keep toys and food the tray.


DVD player
If your vehicle doesn’t already come equipped with one already, think about grabbing a portable DVD player. You can find them pretty cheap, or even pick one up used. We lucked out and borrowed one from a friend. If you are traveling with two kids, you can even find dual DVD players, so they each get their own screen, but still able to watch the same thing. The dual payer we borrowed worked out great as H is forward facing, and Q is still rear facing.
Your road trip is the perfect time to scrap your tv viewing limitations. It will keep your child’s attention, and save your sanity when everything else fails. Pick some of their favorite movies or TV shows to give them a bit of familiarity


Author: That Mom Blog

I am a blue haired, tattooed, hard working Mom to 2 wonderful little boys, 3 baby related businesses, and a Mom Blog. Working hard at rediscovering me, getting into shape, and trying to balance it all at the same time.

6 thoughts on “Keeping your toddler entertained on a long road trip

  1. I love that your boys are enjoying their Usborne Books on CD! I love them for long car rides with my guys. You get many of the same benefits as when you read to your child – which can be nausea-inducing for a passenger and impossible for the driver – vocabulary building, use of imagination, concentration-building, relaxation. All good things. 🙂

    The lap tray from Springy’s is awesome, I will have to check that out. I can imagine that it would help prevent the dreaded dropped book (which always ends up being out of reach while we’re moving).

    And you’re right about throwing out your tv-watching prejudices on road trips. I had to do that years ago when we were given our first portable DVD player for the car. I tried to imagine the trip from my toddler’s point of view. Long and very, very boring. So many of the tricks we employ with older children to keep them entertained on trips are to advanced for our little ones, which leaves us with few options. It also gives them a bit of familiarity while experiencing so much newness.

    I’m loving the blog series!!

  2. What great ideas! My little guy hates short trips let alone long ones so any ideas help. I’m going to Springy’s to check out those lap trays.

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  6. Lap trays are great, especially for traveling. I have been using them for a long time, and it’s amazing how many creative uses you can get out of them, and how useful they are for your kids.

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