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Packing for a road trip with your toddler.

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Trying to pack for any road trip with young kids can be stressful, especially when it’s a 2 day long road trip. I recommend to get prepared early, and make multiple lists so you don’t forget anything. Here are some ideas on what to pack for a long road trip with your toddler.

In the suitcase

One of the things I like to do when getting my list ready for packing the kids suitcases is to sit down, and do a mental run down of our day. We use at least one change of clothes, including underwear, socks, a sweater etc. We use hair gel in their hair some days, brush their teeth and give them their vitamins. All of these things, I write down on my list, so I don’t forget anything.
When packing clothing, make sure that you pack for all kinds of weather. Checking the forecasts for not only your destination but the areas that you will be passing through, can give you a good idea of what to expect, but mother nature knows how to through curve balls. Weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared for anything.
Find out if there are easily accessible laundry facilities where you are going. If there are, you can pack a little lighter (still try for one outfit a day). If not, you will need to pack extra changes of clothes for those messy days. No one likes to think about doing laundry on vacation, but if it can save you room, it is a great idea.

Tip: For over night road trips, pack a separate bag for the items you will need for your hotel stay. A duffel bag with a change of clothes, pajamas, and anything else you may need for just the stop will save you from unloading the entire vehicle, and any big luggage.

In the vehicle

Be sure to pack a lot of accessible things in your vehicle. Bring snacks and food for the drive. This will cut down on stops, and allow you to eat at rest areas, rather than spending a lot of money at restaurants. Pack things like crackers, granola bars, and special snacks your kids may not always get, a special treat. Fruits and vegetables are always great as well, but keep in mind that if you are going over the border, you can’t bring them over. You will need to stop at a local grocer We’re here! What’s the first think we do? Search for Gators of course! when you get there.
Pack a portable DVD player, and lots of activities to keep your children happy and occupied. Make sure it is all in reach of the passenger for easy access. Read more about how to keep your kids entertained in an upcoming post.
Don’t forget to pack a stroller and/or baby carrier. Rather than packing a big bulky stroller, why not pick up something smaller, and more compact like the UPPA baby G-luxe stroller. It takes up a lot less room in your trunk, and is still very comfortable for long walks. Make sure that it is accessible for any long stops you make on the road.

Comforts from home

Don’t forget to pack up some comforts from home. Bring a select few of your child’s favorite toys, and break out a couple each day. If they have a lovie, or special blanket that they can’t sleep without, be sure you have that as well. Try and keep it in reach on the trip in case the need it on the road. Pack a few of their favorite night time story books to help keep up with your home routine. Having a few of these comforts from home can help make your child feel more comfortable with the temporary change they are going through.

Check back soon for more tips and tricks on traveling with toddlers. There will also be some reviews and giveaways, including an UPPA baby G-luxe stroller from Springy’s! Make sure you read all the blog posts for your chance to win!
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