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Getting ready for any road trip can be hard. Getting ready for a 21 hour road trip with a 3 and 1.5 year old is even harder. Figuring out what to bring, what will help make the trip easier, what items you can’t forget. It can be stressful, and a lot of work. Here are some ideas and tips on getting prepared to go.

Make a list. Check it twice.
Making a list is key. Try making different lists so it’s not to overwhelming, and easier to check. A list for the kids suitcases. A list for yours. Lists for the items you will need on the road trip itself, and other items you will need while you are away that won’t go into your suitcase. If you use a smart phone or iPad, try making your list there. As you are going through your everyday routine, if you see something that needs to go on your list (something as simple, as your camera chargers) you can add it to your list on the go.

Think Safety
Take your vehicle in to be serviced. Make sure oil changes are up to date, fluids are topped up, and things are in good working order.
Think about getting your car seats checked, or re-installed by a certified car seat technician. Up to 85% of car seats are not installed correctly, and this increases their chance of injury in a collision.
Purchase, or put together an roadside emergency kit. You can pick up a variety of kits for any budget at your local automotive store. Other good things to include in case of an emergency is blankets, bottles of water, and snacks.

Check Weather Forecasts
Checking the weather forecasts for not only your destination, but major cities in between, can have you prepared for any weather bad weather you may be heading into. Just last week, we in Hamilton had fine weather, and Florida was warm and sunny, but some states in between, on our route, were hit with some major snow storms. Be prepared for anything, but taking a few minutes to log onto the can save you from any unsuspecting weather surprises.

Home Care
Don’t forget about the things you are leaving behind. Get a neighbor to grab your mail, and keep an eye one things while you are gone. Make arrangements for your pets, whether it be a kennel, or family or friends. If it’s winter time, think about turning off your water in case the pipes freeze. Add these things to your list early on so you’ll remember.

Discuss Your Trip
Talk to your children about the trip as much as you can. The more you go over it, the easier it should be for them to understand what is going on. We have been telling H how we will be spending two full days on the road. We tell him we have lots of fun activities planned, treats for good behavior, and that we will be staying over night in a hotel (I think he is most excited for that!)

Discuss the trip

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