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For Pinterst Monday today, I am sharing the final product of my Halloween costume that I wore this weekend for my 30th birthday night out. I took lots of inspiration from my Halloween pinboard for it. I am so happy with how it turned out, and had a lot of compliments all night long! This costume was totally DIY, except for just one of the hair accessories. You can end up spending so much on a Halloween costume for just one night, and I wanted to keep it as frugal as possible.

Tutu $13 – It is so easy to make your own tutu. All you need is some elastic cut a little smaller than your waist size, and tied, or ribbon. Visit you local fabric store to find your tulle. Here is a great tutorial on how to make yours without any sewing!

Tights $8 – I just grabbed an inexpensive pair of tights for under the tutu, and wore a pair of tight black shorts over, to keep from seeing through 😉

Shirt and Hair &30 – This was the most expensive part about the costume. Black roses are. Or cheap. Like I had mentioned in a previous post, I ended up purchasing a wreathe full of black roses at 70% off to save money. I took the roses apart, and glued them back together and onto some alligator hair clips. I also added some skulls from the dollar store to some of them. I then just clipped them to a black shirt I already had at home. Saved me from sewing them in, and saved the shirt! Put the same flowers in my hair.

Face $7 – I used face paint I had at home, as well as some eye liner. The gems I bought in the clearance isle at Michael’s.

I love the way it turned out, and think I will do it again next year!


Before I end this post, and go enjoy my birthday, I just had to give a shout out to a friend who dressed like me for Halloween! How awesome is that?! Lol


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