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DIY Wicker Pumpkins

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Like I have already said, and I will say it again, I LOVE fall! I came up with this project just this morning. While sitting on my couch, staring into my needs to be cleaned, and completely de-cluttered dining room, my eyes stumbled upon these wicker balls that I had set aside to be tossed. The idea popped into my crafty brain instantly, and I got to work!

While I loved the Painted Pumpkins I did earlier in the week, they won’t last past this season. These however, I can store and bring out next year as well.

What you need:

-Wicker Balls (I got mine at Ikea)
-Orange Paint
-Small Paint Brush
-Scrap paper in brown and green

What to do:

I put the wicker balls into the base of a canvas I had laying around so they wouldn’t roll, and started painting. Using a small paintbrush is good to get into all the small areas, but don’t worry about making sure EVERYTHING is covered – it adds to its character!

Next, I cut out some thick strips of brown scrapbook paper for the stems, and thin long strips of green scrapbook paper for the leaf. For the stems, you just roll it up nice and tight, and find a little nook in the wicker ball to jam it in. For the green leaf, roll it up, or curl it with some scissors, stick it in the same nook, or one nearby.

That’s it! So very easy, and so very cute! I love the way they turned out, and am excited that I can bring them out for next year as well!

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