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Pinterest Monday – Pretty Pretty Pumpkins

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I LOVE fall, and I love Halloween even more. It might have something to do with my birthday being on Halloween.
When I came across this Pin, I thought it would make a great centre piece on our table. I also once again, took it one step further, to make it extra fun for the kids.

We went out to grab some mini pumpkins for our project, as well as one slightly bigger pie pumpkin. We picked up some sparkle and chalkboard paint, and brought out the metallic and pearl paints we already had at home. After attempting to paint my first pumpkin, I realized it was a lot harder than it looked, so I added another step and primed them first. (The Chalkboard one didn’t need to be primed, just needed 2 coats).

After Priming, I let H pick out which pumpkin would be painted with what colour, and got to work.

I found that adding the sparkle paint over the metallic’s was a lot easier than just adding sparkle paint. Even still, it seemed to take FOREVER to dry.

I love the way they turned out. So much prettier than plain pumpkins! We used the chalkboard paint on the larger pumpkin. Each day we will be counting down the days left until Halloween (or in my case, my 30th Birthday… whoa…). Next time I make these, I think I will follow what the blogger from the Pin did with glue and sparkles and spray paint. I found that it took so long to dry, and many many layers of paint to make it look right. Hopefully I will get some time to make some more before the big day is here!

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