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Mommy Must Haves – Gelaskins


If you know me, you know that I have had a lot of phones over the years. I have also been through about 3 laptops in a span of 3 years as well. One thing that all of these devices had in common? They all rocked a Gelaskin.

I first found Gelaskins a few years back a the Toronto Eaton Centre. I wasn’t sure what I thought about putting a sticker on my phone, but I did know that I HATED bulky cell phone cases. No matter how many I bought and tried, they would usually last about 2 weeks before I tossed them.

While surfing the web one day I ended up stumbling upon a link to Gelaskins, and found myself checking out the many really cool options they had to make my accessories as pretty and unique as I wanted them to be. I ended up buying one for my Blackberry Pearl, and fell in love.

It was sleek, and not bulky at all. It was also super easy to apply. One of the really cool options that they have is that the decal, and the background work together to make one picture.

After falling in love with the first Gelaskin, I ended up buying one for my Mac Laptop. Then my next phone, an iPhone. And both of my laptops to follow. And then my second iPhone (thank you DS, but a container of Garlic dipping sauce is NOT an iPhone cradle….).

Most recently I purchased one for my new Blackberry Torch. Again, I went back to trying out other phone cases for protection against scratches, but I really hated how it made my phone feel. Shortly after I had purchased the latest, I was on the website showing my family members just how cool Gelaskins were, and saw that you could actually create your own! How on earth did I miss that? The process is very easy, and user friendly. It is a great way to personalize your devices even more-so. Most of all, it is an excellent way to represent your brand!

For my next, and first ever custom order, I chose to use two adorable pictures of my boys. For my laptop, I went the the brand representing route, and made a skin for my blog. You can even choose the exact size to order the skin for your laptop so you get the perfect fit (too bad I ordered mine before my kids broke the screen on my last laptop……).

Removing the current Gelaskin from my phone was easy, and applying this new one was a breeze. I LOVE the way it looks.

I Love how my laptop looks, and it is a great way to protect it from scratches! I looking forward to showing off my brand at an upcoming conference!

Would you like to WIN a $25.00 gift certificate to Leave a comment below to tell me what device you would like it for, and make sure to ‘like’ my new Facebook page (a work in progress)

Winner will be announced next Wednesday!

Author: That Mom Blog

I am a blue haired, tattooed, hard working Mom to 2 wonderful little boys, 3 baby related businesses, and a Mom Blog. Working hard at rediscovering me, getting into shape, and trying to balance it all at the same time.

19 thoughts on “Mommy Must Haves – Gelaskins

  1. I just bought a new netbook for my business to use while teaching MSH classes and do work outside of the office (aka my house). I would love to protect this new investment especially since it will be around lots of children.

    • LOVE my GelaSkin for my iPod Touch. I don’t like the bulky covers either. I used to have one on an old netbook, before I got my new Toshiba G56 laptop (hint hint). It is currently naked as I haven’t justified the cost of a new skin. Would be thrilled to sport a custom Usborne Books decal all over my baby – oops! – laptop. πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh I would totally love a Gelaskin for my new blackberry. My littlest dropped it the other day and cracked a key…so it needs some love. Plus a personalized one with a pic of my two girls would help my hard transition back to the working world in a couple weeks!!!!

  3. I would like it for my blackberry curve. They look really fun

  4. These sound great! I would need it for my BB… protection from the 2 one year olds I have running around!! eek!

  5. What a Wonderful idea! I am expecting a baby my first child in February and to have a photo of then as a skin on my cell is a great keep sake idea! Everyone always has their cellphones on them!!

  6. Very cool! I’ll have to check out the website and see what I can create for my old trusty BB Pearl πŸ˜‰ My 16 month old is pretty sure he’s supposed to chuck it every chance he gets!

  7. Hello

    I would like to skin my Kobo Touch eReader, I would put that $25 GelaSkin certificate towards a cutsom GelaSkin and use a picture of my two boys aged 7 & 2 on the Skin using GelaSkin’s Custom Skin Maker. Please pick me! My boys would love it! I read to them everynight from my ereader because I packed my ereader full of “The BoxCar Children” books! <3~ Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. I had the design Cable Cranes by Nanami Cowdry (sp?) awhile back for a Blackberry Curve but since switching to iPhone have somehow not gotten around to getting one for my iPhone yet. Aside from that, I would love one for the wrist rest area around the keyboard and touchpad to protect that surface from being scratched by my watch. I have a Twelve South BoobBook cover for my laptop, another must for moms with little ones as it disguises the laptop as an beautiful, old leather-bound book, and would probably choose Dandy Damask or Skull Damask to match.

  9. How nice! I would actually like an iPod Touch skin for my dear friend because hers had gotten scratched up by her cat.

    I made sure to like your page!

  10. Oh wow i love their fall theme collection.. i would use the Gelaskin cover for my iphone 4. When i got the iphone, i ended up going for the Kate Spade cover. though its adorable but it feels like a brick in my pocketbook.. liked your facebook page πŸ™‚ thanks for the opportunity!!!

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  13. I love love love your phone gelaskin!! So that is what I would use mine for… To cover the dents and scratches that are already on my blackberry and prevent new ones πŸ™‚

  14. Oooh, I would love a GelaSkin for my iPhone! I clicked “like” on your page:)))

  15. I’m about to get a new phone – would love a GelaSkin to protect it.

  16. I would love a GelaSkin for a blackberry! Thanks!

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  18. Please email me! I have a question about your blog πŸ™‚

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