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Signing (Throwback) Thursday’s

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Okay, so I know this is only the second ‘Signing Thursday’, but as I am getting things set on my blog, I have made the decision to change it to ‘Signing Tuesdays’. Thursday’s will now be known as ‘Throwback Thursday’s’ where I will get to post about something from the past. It may be way back, or something from only a couple of months ago. A story from childhood, or an old blog post re-posted, being brought back to life. There is so much I feel like I lost out on blogging, when I wasn’t being active, and this is my way to do it.

Today is going to be a mix of a Signing and Throwback Thursday. Here is a video of H when he was 16 months old signing. Teaching Hunter how to sign helped so much. He was a very needy boy, and being able to tell us what he wanted saved us a lot of stress on both ends.

You can hear in this video that he is trying to say some words. Signing really comes in handy as well at these stages. Imagine your baby asking for something and only being able to get out the sound “ba”. Are they asking for a Bottle? A Bath? Their Baby doll? By asking them to show you the sign, or showing them a sign you have been teaching them, you can cut out a lot of frustration.

I hope you enjoy this video of H signing! I look forward to continuing to share our love for Baby Sign Language as we go!

If you are in the Hamilton area, and are thinking of teaching your baby to sign, check out my classes with My Smart Hands!

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