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Mommy Must Haves ~ Momzelle Nursing Shirt

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Are you a nursing Mom? What are your thoughts on Nursing shirts? Love them? Hate them? Have you tried them?I have tried a lot.

When Q was born, I had purchased about 10 different nursing tops, both at local maternity stores, and across the border as well. Out of the 10, I found maybe 1 that I was able to use comfortably. The others proved to me more work than they needed to be, not to mention making my chest look lumpy, or the openings stretching out.

I have never been shy about nursing in public, but do like to keep it discreet. I ended up using a nursing cover after tossing 90% of my nursing shirts aside. While I found that it was a nice option, it was hot in the summer, and Q was not a fan of being covered up.

Finally, I found Momzelle! I wish I had looked into their nursing tops right from the start. Momzelle Nursing Wear is made from 100% organic cotton (92 % Cotton, 8 % Spandex), and are incredibly comfortable. They are designed to flatter the postpartum figure, and are made to fit longer through the body. I am 5’8 and a plus size mom, these tops fit better than any other’s I have owned.

Nursing is very discreet and simple, you just need to lift the flap. I have had people come up to me not even knowing that I was nursing. I love wearing them when we are on family outings, and when we are in big group settings.

If you are in the market for nursing tops, I would recommend to try these. I don’t think you will be dissapointed. In my opinion, these are a ‘Must Have’ for any nursing mom!

You can purchase them online at, or drop by Daisy Days at Little Bird at 164 Ottawa St. N, and try one on for yourself!

Taking a quick nursing break at Centreville, with my Momzelle top in a giant Muskoka Chair!

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One thought on “Mommy Must Haves ~ Momzelle Nursing Shirt

  1. I love all of my Momzelle shirts, they are pretty much all I wear now. But the ‘What’s your superpower’ one is by far the coolest of the bunch. I find it’s a great icebreaker.

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