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As the storms were walloping Southern Ontario last night, and the Tornado Warnings drew closer and closer to home, I found myself wishing that we had some sort of emergency plan set up. The moment they declared that we were under a warning, I found myself scrambling to make sure we had things ready. I knew that the chances were very unlikely that anything would hit, but you never really do know. That is why they warn us. I thought about the poor people in Goderich who were hit just days before, and tell myself that it can happen to anyone.

While my husband was much more laid back about the situation, I knew that for our safely, and most importantly, for the safety of our boys, I wanted to do a few things to be ready for that ‘just in case’. I went downstairs and moved the Laundry and all of my samples and scrap stuff off the futon (I need an organization plan as well it seems), set up the bed, and brought down H. We grabbed a flash light, and searched for some candles to light in case the power went out, and then watched the weather network, twitter, and facebook for updates.

Lucky the storm passed, and where we are, no damage at all. It really didn’t seem too bad in our area compared to what some other people were reporting. H went back to bed, barely even waking to realize he was being moved for the second time.

It is very scary knowing that there is a possibility of your family being in danger, and not being prepared. I think it is time to finally get a emergency kit together, and a plan set out for different types of emergencies we may come to face.

Do you have a plan in your house?

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