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Purple Day!

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Who doesn’t love the colour purple?

J had the day off yesterday, so we thought we would find something new and fun to do. Some friends had mentioned the Ancaster Farmers Market not that long ago, so we thought we would check it out and grab some yummy freshness for supper. There was lots of great fresh produce to pick from, and lots of mouth watering baked goods as well. We dropped by Cake and Loaf for some of their yummy iced tea, grabbed some corn on cob from a local farmer, and made one final stop on the way out to grab something we had never seen before. Purple beans! As soon as I saw them, I knew that we had to try them, and before she could even get them in the bag, Q was signing ‘eat please!’. Sadly these awesome Purple beans turn green when steamed or boiled! (I will need to look that up!!)

After the market, we thought we would finally stop by the Purple Pony ice cream shop. I had heard great things, and saw cute pictures, and have been waiting to finally check it out. There was a ton of ice cream to choose from including some Goats Milk ice cream, and of course Grape and ‘Purpsicle’ to go with the theme. Outside they had some adorable purple rocking horses, and some sidewalk chalk for the kids. I think my favorite part of the Purple Pony was their miniature pony ice cream cones. I always get the boys ice cream in a dish, as even small cones seem to large for them, but this tiny little size was perfect. Even Q got to enjoy his very first ice cream cone.

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