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I am a Co-Sleeping Mom

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I still remember, not too far back, telling a close friend that I thought she was crazy for co-sleeping with her child. Saying how much she would regret it. While I can’t say that it does not have its downside (one which we are working on right now), it is something I am so glad I decided to do with Q.
My decision to co-sleep was made before he was born. I knew that I was going to do everything in my motherly power to breastfeed this time around, and thought it would help make things easier for me. I quickly learned that this was the arrangement that was going to allow me to get the most sleep possible. I slept with him tucked into my arm, and would just latch him on when he woke, quickly finding myself back in my peaceful slumber.
I never felt afraid. Never found him in an unsafe position. Followed suggestions from co-sleeping Moms I knew on how to do it safely.
Our challenge now is getting him to go to sleep without me, allowing for some one on one time relaxing with the hubby. Since Q will not go in a crib, we are looking to convert his crib to a toddler bed soon. If that does not work, we will be doing the old mattress on the floor thing we did with H. I still fully plan on transferring him into bed with me when he wakes up ready for his night time feed.
As much as I can’t wait for the day he is finally sleeping through the night fully, it’s bittersweet. If he ends up starting the night off on his own, and doesn’t wake, I miss my coveted co-sleeping time with my baby. He is growing up too quickly. He is most likely our last. I can’t imagine not waking up to him coming over with a smile, cooing “mama” in my ear, wrapping his little arms around me. Sitting in bed for anywhere from 1/2- 1h  waiting for Big bro to wake up. Just me and Q, talking, cuddling and singing quiet songs to pass the time.
I am a co-sleeping Mom, and nothing starts my day better than this little precious face staring back at me.

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I am a blue haired, tattooed, hard working Mom to 2 wonderful little boys, 3 baby related businesses, and a Mom Blog. Working hard at rediscovering me, getting into shape, and trying to balance it all at the same time.

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