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My Boys first Concert!

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The moment I heard the Imagination Movers were coming to town, I just HAD to get tickets. While we never allowed my boys to watch too much TV, we would put some on in the morning and H fell in love with the “MOOmers” right away. When he first started asking for it, I had no idea what he was talking about, until one morning, the show came on and he got right up and started to dance yelling “MOOMERS! MOOMERS!”. He was hooked! He loves trying to solve problems, and is always singing away to their songs while playing with his toys. We have Movers dance parties in our house at least every other day, and thankfully, I don’t mind the music at all! I actually quite like it! Even Q gets excited when we put it on.

Leading up to the show, we would talk to H about going to see them when they come to Hamilton. He would get really excited, and loved to tell people that he was going to see the “Movers”. We even constructed him his own Movers shirt for the special day! A $4 blue tshirt from Walmart, some red felt, my loving cricut machine and glue (While I may be a crafty mama, I can’t sew at all)

He was so excited when we got there. He loved seeing all of the other kids who had on their own Mover’s gear. When the show started, he was so excited, right away he started dancing. We were very impressed with the show they put on, they got into the crowd, high-fived all the kids that the possibly could.

After the show was over, we were lucky enough to get passes to go up to a special ‘little movers’ party where the guys came in, played a short acoustic set, and posed for pictures for the lucky families and kids. When they came out they made sure to chat with everyone, shake hands, and a couple of them had fun playing with H’s Mohawk. I really can’t think of what would make this expierence better for my little guy. I am sure, being as young as he is, he may not remember it. We took lots of pictures, some great video, and I will be putting keepsakes of the event together in a special display for his room. My little Mover is only 2 1/2 years old, but I am so glad we could share such a wonderful, fun and exciting experience together as a family!

(Did I mention that 10 m/o baby brother passed out during the concert? LOL)

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