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Communicating with my baby

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Some of you may know this already, and some may not. I am a pretty busy mama, and co-running the Hamilton Baby Expo is just one of my now 4 businesses (That is an entire blog in itself…) But the one thing that got me into the baby industry in the first place was signing on with My Smart Hands to teach Baby Sign Language. This post is not about selling my classes to the readers, I just want to share with you how much signing with my kids has helped us in our home.

I started signing with H when he was about 5 months old. He was signing ‘MILK’ at about 6 1/2 months, started picking up with more signs by about 8 months, and exploded with his signs when he hit 1 year old. He was able to tell us when he wanted milk. If he was tired, hungry, frustrated. He could tell us he wanted cheese and crackers, or some fruit. It cut down on so much frustration that it made life easier for our entire family. At grandma’s he could tell her using signs that he needed his diaper changed. Because of all of his signing he also started talking much earlier. We was speaking in sentences at 2 years old, and is much further along in his speech development because of signing.

With Baby Q, I started signing with him at birth. Mostly by habit, as even though H is speaking, we like to continue his signing (It’s great when he helps his brother).  At 9 months, Q is able to tell us when he wants milk, to eat, or if he wants more of something. We are now working on some of his favorite foods and toys. The other day he was pretty fussy, and it seemed like everything I tried didn’t help. Normally nursing him cures all, but finally he pulled away and started signing ‘EAT’. I went to the kitchen, grabbed him some cheese and crackers and that was that. He was so happy that he finally got what he wanted, and I was happy the crying had stopped.

I took this video last night of Q singing for “MORE” pasta:

I always love to share my love for signing with your baby. It can be so helpful, and cut out so much frustration. To learn more about signing with your baby, you can visit my website at, or contact me for any questions!

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