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Car Seat Safety

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Most of you have probably noticed all the talk about car seats and safety in the past couple of months. From the changes that are being made, to the most recent recall. I had been meaning to visit Springy’s to get my wonderful Sunshine Kids car seat installed finally (the one I blogged about not too long ago) as Q was starting to out grow the one he was in. While I was there, Ellery was nice enough to check out H’s car seat for me, as it was one of the brands affected by the latest recall.

While he was installing Q’s new seat (Springy’s will install any seat you buy from them professionally) we chatted about car seat safety, and Ellery had some great tips for me to share with all of you:

1. Buy a car seat that is suitable at the age that they are – Buy something that suits your needs, vehicles and child. Some car seats dont’ always fit great in certain vehicles. It is important to do your research and figure out what will be best for your child.

2. Always register your car seat . – When you purchase a new car seat, they all come with a registration form. It is very important to fill these out, and be sure to send them in so you can be notified about any recalls that may occur. While most recalls are not always that bad, and have had no injuries (like the most recent one mentioned above) it is still very important that you know about them for the safety of you child. This is the one way the manufacturer can reach you if something occurs.

3. Buying new is always better. – Buying a new car seat is always better than buying a used one.  All car seats have an expiry date, buying new insures you will be able to get the most use out of it. Car seats are no longer safe after being in an accident. Buying used, you may never know if it has been or not. And of course, buying new allows you to register your car seat, as mentioned above.

4. Have your seat installed by a professional. – Did you know that 80% if car seats are installed improperly? Having it installed by a professional will ensure that it is installed correctly.

5. If you are not having it installed, read and follow ALL of the instructions– Never assume because you have installed one seat before, that you can install any seat without reading instructions. Your car seat is there to keep your child safe and protected in case of a crash, not being installed correctly can be hazardous.

Ellery was so great to chat about this with me. Car seat safety is SO important, and a proper, and properly installed car seat can mean the matter of life or death in an accident. If you are in the market for a new car seat, make sure to visit Springy’s. I am so thankful for all of the information I received, and all the help as well. I bought H’s car seat from them a couple of years ago, and Ellery was kind enough to fix the installation on that one as well. I feel very good that I know my kids are safe in their seats now!

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One thought on “Car Seat Safety

  1. Q looks adorable in his new seat and that sweet owl hat. I have found Springy’s very helpful, too. The really know what they’re talking about.

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