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My new Sunshine Kids Car seat was a lifesaver!

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I mentioned last week that I wanted to tell you about my new Car Seat I got right before our trip from SunShine Kids, (The RadianXT) and how much it helped us. It was getting to the time that Q really needed a new larger seat and I have heard a lot of great things about the brand.  I loved that the seat folded up to make it more compact, and that it was approved to go on their airplane we were flying out on. Our plan was to have H (our 2 1/2 year old) fly down in it, and put Q in it when we arrived in Florida (Q flew in my lap, and the grandparents drove down with H’s other car seat).

One of my biggest fears with travelling with two little children, was how to get H to stay in his seat. I thought that if he had a car seat to sit in, it would help him feel secure and comfortable. I was so very right. On our way down there was a kid right behind us about the same age, who kept unbuckling her seatbelt while taking off. On the way back, a kid in front of us wouldn’t stop standing on his chair and bouncing all over the place. He was very excited to sit in his ‘airplane chair’, and didn’t complain once about it the entire flight!

When we arrived in Florida, it was really easy to read the directions and get it set up securely in the vehicle we were using. I love how easy the UAS system was to use. We are very pleased with it in general! For more information on the Sunshine Kids RadianXT Car Seat, visit their website, or drop in to Springy’s to talk to one of their knowledgeable staff!

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