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Mothers Day Crafts

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We continued our special day yesterday by making some mothers day crafts for the grandma’s and G.G.

Sometimes I don’t really think to do too many crafts with Hunter being so young, but figure even if he can’t physically do the crafts himself doesn’t mean we shouldn’t! This was a great craft that we could do together, and for the parts that he couldn’t do, he still enjoyed just watching and hearing me tell him what I was doing!

Here is what we did, and how we did it! A great little craft for any age!

Hand Print Flower Craft

What you need: Bristol Board (or other thicker paper), Crayons, Mini Flower pots, Pipe Cleaners (we bought the funky shaped ones for the leaves as well), Foam block or what we used was moss foam balls, Any other decorations you would like to add!


Step 1: Trace child’s hands on paper and have them colour them in

Step 2: Insert foam piece or ball into flower pot
Step 3: Push in regular pipe cleaner, we twisted ours around itself after to make it
Step 4: Make a leaf either with regular pipe cleaner, or we used the fun shaped ones and just cut it to wrap around and make a leaf

Step 5: Cut out hands and write message on back


Step 6: Glue hand to stem
Step 7: Add any other decorations you would like! Hunter placed little butterflies on the pots,


The older the kid, the more they can help out of course. We had a lot of fun together making these, and I am sure all the Grandma’s will love them! It was a great way to spend our last Hunter/Mommy day together before the baby comes. I look forward to doing more crafting with him soon!


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